Quik Path Couriers


250 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 119 Casselberry, FL 32707


Tom Misner



Our Story

QUIK-PATH Couriers, Inc. was founded on the principle that providing personal service requires an understanding of the importance of each delivery to both the sender and the receiver. The added value we offer is the courier, trained to provide flawless service to the exact specifications of each client.
Our couriers are an entrepreneur in their own right. Independent, but yet part of team. Representing you to your customer, they are the human element that enables a relationship which is meaningful to you and your customer. That indefinable aspect of service that fosters good-will and a lasting impression.

Our Genesis

QUIK, a short version of the word quick. This indicates our emphasis on immediate response to your needs, as well as the completion of our assignment. Born out of our experience in medical specimen transportation, QUIK has become a core feature of our service philosophy. PATH is representative of the use of technology and software that plots the best way to travel between two points. A constant need for efficiency and economy of time and resources drives us on the PATH to providing the best service and pricing.