About Us

The Executive Association of Greater Orlando is a quality business referral network involving a select group of business leaders and decision makers with a great deal of experience and expertise in their fields. Highly respected, the members of EAGO come together to form a very impressive group of business people in the Orlando and Central Florida area.


The sole purpose of the Executive Association of Greater Orlando is to generate business for and among member firms. This is accomplished through the exchange of direct business and business information. The Executive Association of Greater Orlando operates for the individual benefit and profit of its members and not for profit as an organization.
All prospective members must first be sponsored by a current member and must exhibit the highest standards of professionalism, quality and business ethics.

Our organization is a business category exclusive association. The following categories are currently open: Carpet Cleaning, Catering, Counseling, Direct Mail, Florist, Hardware - Retail, Jeweler, Locksmith, Paving, Photography, Property Management, Restaurant, Security, Staffing, and Stamp & Sign. Would you like to be a part of our business leads group to increase your business by 20%, 50% or 100%?


Every Wednesday morning following brief announcements, a different member gives a presentation about his or her own business. As a new member, you will want to schedule your presentation as soon as possible and for several reasons: Explaining what your company does early on will enable your fellow EAGO members to provide you with better business leads right away. Enlightening other members regarding the types of services you offer will also lead to business from within the organization! After your presentation, members will also feel good about recommending your company to their employees, clients, colleagues, friends and family.


Another productive way of presenting your business is through rotating weekly visitations. Periodically, you will have the opportunity to host your fellow EAGO members at your place of business in a social networking event setting and really enlighten the members about what your company does. Business almost always increases immediately after these events!