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Bean Davidson



Lifestyles by Bean is a full service Interior/Exterior design consultation business focusing on residential and commercial projects and people.

In collaboration with a team of esteemed Designers in the Central Florida area Lifestyles by Bean provides consultation for any and all things Indoor, Outdoor, or Life related. Let’s get creative here folks!

What’s your case study?

Lifestyles by Bean has a rich and varied wealth of knowledge to collaborate with you on any project. (big or small)

With a rich and varied history in Art, Design, and Medicine – Bean is making an impact through her work with the DEA.


(Her version of the DEA that is- Design, Education, and Art)

Your home and office can inspire your life and positively impact your journey.

Bean is actively designing and researching how our interiors can promote a positive impact in the life of a child, employee, or loved one.

She is creating “intentional settings” and “productive environments” allowing for growth physically, mentally, and socially.

  • Are you raising children?

  • Trying to lose weight?

  • Looking for your passion?

  • Wanting to reach that next level in your career?

Our interiors can make those changes and routines more dynamic and joyous.

Invite Bean in for a personalized living plan.

Interior Design like this is meant for you and me.

Making our existing interiors work for us- not the other way around.

Lifestyles by Bean is growing and evolving – just like you.

We consistently look for inspiration in this life. How can our homes and lifestyles work for us? What do we need to aesthetically change to be more productive, creative, out of a routine? Our environments and aesthetics matter!