Equitable Public Adjusters & Auto Appraisers

Address: 4530 Pine Tree Drive Boynton Beach, FL 33436
Contact: David Washington
Phone: 407-821-0844
Website: http://www.equitablepublicadjusters.com

Equitable Public Adjusters provides..

  • Insurance Claims Adjusting

    We have substantial expertise helping policyholders receive the maximum amount they deserve.

  • Commercial Claims Adjusting

    We have the experience your HOA, Condo Association, Commercial or Industrial Business needs to deal with your insurance company.

  • Residential Claims Adjusting

    We have decades of experience helping Homeowners get the most from their insurance policies.

  • Serving all of Florida, with Public Adjusters based in:

    West Palm Beach


    Tampa Area

What will Equitable Public Adjusters do for you?

  • • We represent the rights of an insured during an insurance claim process.
  • • We prepare and submit all the required documents to your insurance company.
  • • We review your claim even if you have already settled with your insurance company.
  • • We can re-open your insurance claim and collect any additional money you should have received.
  • • We can appraise any and all damage that may be pertinent to an insurance claim.
  • • We will identify the exact values of your property.
  • • We will negotiate your insurance settlement on YOUR behalf.

So how much does our service cost? Don’t worry… you don’t pay anything unless we collect for you!