Grey Orchid Spa

Address: 407 W. Fairbanks Ave Winter Park FL 32789
Contact: Shavon Sultan
Phone: 407-767-7100

GREY ORCHID sprouted from a coffee table talk one morning. The original discussion was aimed to improve our service relations between clients and staff in the Orlando & Winter Park area; however, we later found out that what we really need is a day spa that is different than anything else out there.

With so many day spas and franchises watering the field of what a true spa is supposed to be, we decided to bring back the elegance and luxury that was lost amongst most of the trade; with an aim for our clients to truly feel the relaxation and health benefits of a spa. Of course, there are the Resort Spas, however, those are so far away and often disconnected from a client’s everyday life. So, we thought, how can we combine a full day spa with the luxury of a resort; and we now have the GREY ORCHID.
Our name is as personal to us as our concept. We wanted something that was unique yet meaningful, which is how we designed our logo. The lion and crown represent our families. The Orchid represents our services, while Eucalyptus represents our signature scent, and our aroma therapeutic blends in each of our services. All of it blended into the symbol of our name, the very stamp of our legacy.
Our name is created with similar intention. The Orchid is exotic, vibrant, and luxurious, what better flower to represent our new concept, and the quality of services that we provide.
So, what about Grey? Well, the shade is a mixture of both black and white, symbolizing our hybrid concept of a day spa with a resort atmosphere. Grey is also the most complementary shade, neutral, elegant and powerful within its own right; representing you, our clients.  So, welcome to your new shade of spa.

Welcome to the GREY ORCHID.