Kind Construction

Address: P.O. Box 53646 Orlando, FL 32853
Contact: Shawn Pawlikowski
Phone: 407-474-0833

A Different Construction Company.

Lookin g to build your dream commercial space?  Our team of builders have an intimate understanding of the integrated approach needed to successfully blend architecture, interior design, engineering, and construction all aimed at delivering an unparalleled experience for our clients.  We offer site specific solutions for restaurants, bars, work and retail environments.

Looking to make a full home or major remodel?  Your home should be a reflection and an oasis for you and your family.  If you are interest3ed in renovating or remodeling your home or a particular space to fit your taste and needs, Kind Construction is a company you can trust.  Remodeling or renovating your property will elevate your property values and bring a new excitement to your existing space.  We strive to make each remodeling project blend the old with the new while creating an enjoyable environment for you to live in.

Streamlined Process

Our KIND Construction remodeling team works efficiently because we respect our customers’ time. You can depend on us to meet all the milestones on time throughout the duration of your renovation project.

Ethics & Integrity

We take pride in maintaining clear lines of communication. Everything will go smoothly, according to plan.

Clear Communication

Our KIND Construction team pledges to always do the right thing, even if it is more difficult. We are responsible for our actions and care about building a good relationship with our customers.

We Treat You Like Family

KIND Construction focuses on quality, quality, quality. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means your home will turn out exactly as you wanted before we consider work to be done.