Refractive Consulting

Address: 8519 Alverson Ave Orlando, FL 32817
Contact: Jeremy Lowell
Phone: 407-497-9771

Introducing Refractive Consulting, an immersive consulting company.

Get a hands-on consulting and coaching approach that sets your team up for success moving forward.

Our approach

It would be presumptuous of us to tell you what to do without learning about your business first. We take a 4 step immersive approach to help your business in the areas you feel need improving. During the process, we will be coaching your managers to be effective leaders, create a problem-solving culture, and boost morale. Once our job is done your team will have all the tools to continue to help your business flourish for many years to come!

Phase 1

Gather Information

We will interview every employee as well as spend time with each team or department to get a true sense of what is working and what needs improvement.

Phase 2

Create a Plan

Once we have identified the key areas of improvement we will coach your managers on our systematic approach to setting objectives and creating measurable steps to succeed.

Phase 3


In the final phase, we will oversee the process of implementing the plan and achieving the first set of objectives.

Phase 4

Follow Up

We will do a 90 day follow up to ensure that the skills, systems, and processes are still being utilized